Federal Stewardship of Confederate Dead

Civil War-era national cemeteries were created to bury Union dead. But the U.S. government was also responsible for Confederate dead–most associated with prisoner-of-war camps. This cultural resource study examines 9 all-Confederate cemeteries and 9 national cemeteries containing the greatest number of Confederate graves. The 311-page book contains 245 illustrations.


Also available online as a free PDF download:  https://www.cem.va.gov/cem/history/


White Pennsylvania Runaways 1720-1749

“Little-known fact: in colonial America, indentured whites, comprised of convicts, vagabonds, exiles, redemptioners, the kidnapped, runaways, and the willing servants hoping for a better life by serving out a period of servitude being purchased by colonial masters than by remaining in their traditional European societies, preceded and exceeded the black slavery population in all the colonies up until the American Revolution…Mr. Boyle has compiled notices of white runaways from local newspapers of the day. None were in publication before 1720. Many newspapers were read through, some of which were The Boston Gazette, The Pennsylvania Gazette, The New-England Courant, and The New-York Evening Post, among several others. Also, a list of further reading is included for those who wish to research further.”

–Excerpt from Book Review by Dick Eastman of Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter



Cook’s world tour around Elmira; a collection of choice recipes from many lands

Published in 1950 by the International Club of the Elmira YWCA.


Holy Family Junior High Yearbooks 1993 and 1994