We are very thankful for author and master gardener, Wayne Myers, for providing the Steele Memorial Library with a copy of “Bald Hill: The Lost Community.”

Thank you!

“Bald Hill” is an eight-year research project Myers and friends completed  about the area familiar to those in Danby, Spencer, and Van-Etten known as Bald Hill.  It explores the families that lived there.  Surnames include Parshall, Sears, Dorn, Turk, Loomis, Dawes, Van Etten, Cortright, Grover, Briggs.

Sally Marx writes in an article on the book,

The book is filled with the stories of births, deaths, fires, animals, and a simpler time. It is both easy and fascinating reading with lots of pictures and maps and genealogies. Today Bald Hill is a state forest and only the old, crumbling stone foundations mark where a thriving, industrious community of farmers and their families once lived.

 The book grew out of an interest Myers has had in the Bald Hill area since he was a child. His home is the last house on Michigan Hollow Road before the road bends and begins to wind through the state forest. Just around that corner Bald Hill begins. Before the area became a state forest, that entire section of Michigan Hollow and up its hillsides was farmed by hardy settlers. Myers has lived in a house near Bald Hill since he was nine years old. His grandfather, David Seamon, used to tell him stories of Bald Hill families and his uncle, Roy Parshall, actually grew up on Bald Hill. Monroe House, whose great grandparents built Myers’ home – the first of four House generations to farm that piece of land, also told Myers stories of Bald Hill doings. (House died in 2004 at age 93, so his memories went back quite a ways.)*

This book will surely be a great resource to anyone doing genealogy research in this area.  According to Worldcat.org, a catalog of the world’s libraries, the only other library to carry this book is Cornell University. Come on down to the Steele Memorial Library Genealogy and Local History Department to see this new volume (Call # 974.771 MYE).

Click the link for a spreadsheet of other print resources we have at the Steele Memorial Library that address people in the Spencer, Van-Etten, and Danby areas:

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